Our club is the perfect venue for a corporate or charity golf event of up to 144 participants, featuring an 18 hole championship course, a clubhouse suitable to host a before or after golf gathering, a professional golf staff, a qualified chef and restaurant/banquet staff to organize and execute all of your event needs,

Local Rules

The boundaries of the water obstacles are delimited by yellow pegs, the lateral obstacles by red pegs. The boundaries of holes 2, 5, 6, and 9 are defined by red pegs. A player who cannot find his ball can proceed according to (Rule 26-1, Appendix 1-2a). All 150 meter markers, flower beds and stakes, trees planted or marked - the player must take the nearest clearance point a club length no closer to the hole. Holes #9 and #18: The paved areas behind the holes are an integral part of the course. The player has the option of striking from the paved area or from the nearest clearance point. Hole 1: Pump station and power pole including support cables — nearest clearance point, club length no closer to the hole. In case of lightning, you must evacuate the course after the siren goes off. All tree stumps are considered to be land under repair. Proceed with the free release according to Rule 25-1.

Windmill Heights Golf Club

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