Member orientation

All members must be assigned a membership number (account) before participating in any activity within the Club. This allows us to control the club's activity and organize the necessary services. Members are encouraged to use this account whenever possible. All fees must be paid prior to the start of the season or any individual activity (generally by April 15 of each season). The club bills all accounts on the first of each month and payment is expected on the 15th of the invoiced month. All members have the choice of how to pay for their accounts. Visa/MasterCard payments (with administration fees), checks, cash, or electronic banking are all accepted. See the administration office for terms and conditions. Each consumption is made by signing the member's check at the time of the order. Our staff checks the order as well as your membership number and status before serving you. This is the only time during the order process where you can see the receipt for your purchase except at the time of billing, so please check the slip and sign it properly.

From time to time, people may benefit from reduced membership fees because their health condition does not allow them to use the club. See the policy on our website. Only on rare occasions will the minimum house limit be relaxed, as the club and other members rely on this minimum contribution every year.
F&B - Our snack bar is open every day 1 1/2 hours after the first tee in the morning and hours vary during the season, and closes at 5 pm. The dining room is open for service from 11 am every day and generally closes at nightfall when business calms down. The hours also vary according to the seasons. Reservations are recommended to inform service staff of your desire to dine after hours, or if you need a special seat. Our dining room will be open to the public by reservation only, members with priority access. All members have a minimum F&B spending limit between opening day and the end of September (29th). Each monthly statement you receive will show your spending level for the season. If you don't meet the September 30 limit, the remaining balance will be debited from your account in October. This rule only applies to purchases of drinks and alcoholic beverages. Meal or event reservations can be made online or at Smoking is NOT allowed in the upstairs patios. Smoking areas are provided on the main level patio or in the transit areas. Please use the ashtrays provided for this purpose.
Wearing hats or caps is not allowed on the second level of the clubhouse. Lockers and shoe care are covered by your full membership and are not available for all categories. Please provide your own lock, have your shoes labeled with your membership number, and remove all personal items from your locker at the end of the season. Golf bag storage is also included in full membership and is not available to everyone. Golf bag storage is also included in full membership and is not available to everyone. The clubs will be cleaned after each use. Electric carts that do not fold are not included in this service and can be stored and maintained at a cost that is yet to be determined. Your clubs will be removed from the bag room at least ½ hour before your scheduled departure time. The club is not responsible for lost or stolen items of any kind.Le port de chapeaux ou de casquettes n'est pas autorisé au deuxième niveau du clubhouse. Les services de casiers et d'entretien des chaussures sont inclus dans votre adhésion complète et ne sont pas disponibles pour toutes les catégories. Veuillez fournir votre propre cadenas, étiqueter vos chaussures avec votre numéro de membre et retirer tous vos objets personnels de votre casier à la fin de la saison. L'entreposage des sacs de golf est compris dans l'adhésion complète et n'est pas accessible à tous. Les clubs seront nettoyés après chaque utilisation. Les voiturettes électriques qui ne se plient pas ne sont pas incluses dans ce service et peuvent être stockées et entretenues moyennant un coût à déterminer. Vos clubs seront retirés de la salle des sacs au moins une demi-heure avant votre heure de départ prévue. Le club décline toute responsabilité en cas de perte ou de vol d'objets.
Our store is ideally located and staffed to meet all of your golf needs, whether it's checking in for your tee time, introducing a guest, buying equipment, renting a cart, or asking about upcoming tee times. Staff are trained to make sure you are well organized for your day. Chits can be provided for your rental and guest fees and checked again with the starter on the 1st departure. All corporate pass holders MUST show up at the store every time they play. Stewards will often be present on the course to help players in case of problems and monitor the speed of the game, which should not exceed 4 hours and 15 minutes at most. Those who want to play in under 4 hours in the middle of the day should be prepared to stay on the course for at least 4 hours. The golf protocols (reservations, conduct and course rules) will be published before the start of the season. The club dress code will be mentioned in the protocols and monitored by the golf staff.
A starter is at the first departure and has an electronic reservation sheet for the day. It can also arrange other departures for you 7 days in advance. All players MUST register with the starter before playing. If the starter is temporarily unavailable, players must register with the pro shop.
‍Unfortunately, our driving range is compromised by insufficient drainage which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to retrieve golf balls when the surface is very humid. Therefore, it happens that after heavy rain or at the beginning of spring, the driving range is closed for several days. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding for this inconvenience. We will do everything we can to remedy the situation.

Players are encouraged to rake the bunkers after use, place the rakes just outside the bunkers, replace grass clods, and repair ball marks on the greens. The marshal or any other staff member is empowered to take disciplinary action against any player considered to be abusing the course. If a member witnesses abuse by another golfer, we expect them to simply report it to a staff member and we will deal with it accordingly. It is not the member's responsibility to take disciplinary action against another golfer.

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