Policy for Medical Relief

In a Club environment, members count on fellow members to pay their equal share as a commitment to the Club, no matter their personal circumstances. Should a member of the Club in good standing be in a medical condition where a doctor recommends (in writing) that they shouldn’t play golf for two months out of the golf season, a rebate may be considered based on the below criteria:

The member is in a full privileged category (no twilight, nor corporate pass holder will qualify)
This policy will cover those with a serious condition e.g. cancer and treatment, grave accidents, debilitating conditions, etc.
Reasons like: not feeling well, sore ankle or thumb, etc will not be considered for relief.
Depending on the member’s particular condition, the F&B minimum will not be forgiven.
All rebates will be served as a credit to the following year’s dues, not financial reimbursement.
Should the member declare their condition before May 1 of any season, the maximum relief will be the full season’s dues, should the member’s condition be declared between May 1 and July 15, ½ of the dues may be relieved, after July 1st  there will be no relief awarded.
After any situation where the member is relieved and wishes to be reinstated, a retroactive dues responsibility will be applied as 1/6 of the normal dues amount per month of actual play.
The member will be charged for a whole month should they play in that month. i.e. If they play (are reinstated) on the 25th of any month, they will be charged for that whole month and beyond.

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