Dress Code

‘Business casual’ dress attire is the approved dress code for the Dining Room, unless the event is specified as other.  Golf attire may be worn everywhere else in the Clubhouse. Shoes with socks must be worn in the Dining Room, 19th Hole, patio areas and elsewhere on the Club grounds. Sandals and flip-flops are strictly prohibited anywhere in the above-mentioned areas. Golf Shirts must have a collar Tailored pants and Bermuda shorts are the accepted attire. Tee shirts, trackwear, cargo pants (pockets outside the pant leg) and jogging pants are not permitted.  Hats are not permitted in the Dining Room.

Ladies can wear dress sandals without socks. Members and guests arriving in improper attire are required to change immediately in the locker room. Tailored golf attire, pants, Bermuda shorts, skirts, skorts, dresses and capris are permitted. Tank tops, cropped tops, cargo pants, track pants are not acceptable. Jeans will be allowed but must be smart jeans meaning fashionable, not torn. Please keep in mind that this a member’s Club and guests must be dressed appropriately at all times.

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